epigraphein (Greek) to inscribe, to write upon

Epigraphein provides professional historian services, including research, writing reports and commissioned histories, image clearance & website content creation, and provide copyediting services to a wide range of clients.

We have wide experience beyond history in the humanities, social sciences, and GLAM (galleries, archives, museums) sector, and have clients in diverse sectors, ranging from academic to cultural to commercial. 

Nicole, founder of Epigraphein, has a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Ancient Roman History from the University of Queensland, a Masters of Museum Studies from the University of Sydney and a PhD in Australian urban history from the University of Melbourne.

She has worked in the academic and cultural sectors as a researcher, editor, curator, and content creator. She has wide-ranging experience working on a diverse array of publications, including marketing collateral, exhibition content, websites, academic journal articles, books, and postgraduate theses.

Nicole is a professional historian, Secretary of the Professional Historians Association (Victoria & Tasmania), and works in the fields of Australian, transnational, architectural and social history, as well as the history and sociology of education.

Based in Narrm/Melbourne, Australia, Epigraphein provides services to clients around the world.


Nicole has worked with various authors to bring their publications to fruition both through Epigraphein and as an employee of a number of universities and other organisations. These have been aimed at both academic and broader audiences and have been locate mainly in the fields of history and education. The contributions have been varied and included work such as conducting research in archives and libraries, transcribing interviews, copyediting, and image research and clearance.


Epigraphein provides content creation for a variety of non-traditional outputs, including research, writing, and image research and clearance. Past projects undertaken have included personal websites for academics, as well as research projects, online exhibitions, and academic collectives.

We offer a range of options from basic population of a website using content provided by clients to fully curated sites, providing research, copywriting, and image research/clearance services. 

Our websites are created using templates available through well-known website builders such as WordPress. We are unable to code sites from scratch but work often with web designers, providing design briefs and curating content.

Schooling Memories

Making Futures


A Fashionable Promenade

The Everyday War


Julie McLeod

Girls Growing Up

Narrative Network

Katie Wright


Over the past decade, Nicole has worked with numerous PhD and Masters students to assist in preparation for submission. She has a keen eye for detail and her copyediting and proofing skills add polish to these academic works. With her academic and professional background, she also has the knowledge to suggest context-appropriate edits to theses in a range of disciplines, including history, sociology, anthropology, education, international relations, and philosophy.

Epigraphein offers a number of services for editing, ranging from basic proofreading to full copyedits to formatting and manuscript preparation at submission standard.

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Maha Thayer, ‘Integrative Intervention for Relationship Building and Combating Prejudice: Nablus Refugee Camps and Host Communities’ (Capstone Project/Mini-thesis, Masters in Conflict Resolution, University of Massachusetts-Boston, 2019)