Nicole was an excellent editor. She completed my work in a timely manner and each of my examiners commented on how they appreciated reading a thesis free from grammatical and spelling errors. I found Nicole easy to work with and incredibly friendly and approachable. I felt like it was a team effort and that I was well supported in the process. The end of a thesis is really hard because you’re so exhausted and you really want it to be over, so it’s nice to have someone so professional and competent to do that final edit and formatting. You also need someone who understands how stressed you are in that final phase and who tries to make this process as smooth as possible without delays or issues. Overall an excellent experience and a highly recommended editor.

(Mehal Krayem, University of Technology Sydney)

Nicole Davis has worked as an academic editor for me on a number of occasions, including editing an article submission for the Journal of Contemporary History. Nicole’s long experience as an editor as well as her specific skills in academic editing meant that she knew exactly what I wanted and was able to sensitively accommodate my ideas while also sharpening the text. She interpreted the journal’s requirements perfectly, advised me on format and reference style, made suggestions re structure and sequence and even checked all my footnotes for accuracy. This detailed work is typical of Nicole who is a perfectionist when it comes to editing. In the end I had a beautifully edited article much improved from its original form and ready for submission. Anyone who works with Nicole will receive an overwhelmingly high standard of work, an intelligent and informed partner in the creative process and a reliable professional with a wealth of experience editing creative and academic work. She is by far the best editor I have ever worked with.

(Sophie Loy-Wilson, University of Sydney)

I would thoroughly recommend Nicole as an editor for  a final book manuscript pre-production. She  is an expert in all aspects of the role. She improves the clarity of writing. She assiduously follows the format of the specifications of the publisher and alerts one to style issues before one can think of them. Being a professional historian, she is naturally adept at cross-checking citations and alerting the author of any missing information. For me, completely unasked she even tracked down a citation for a video link that had been broken. She always gets revisions back to one in a timely manner regardless of internet issues. She even gives suggestions for titles. Finally, she is respectful of and appreciative of one’s book  content which makes the whole final editing process thoroughly enjoyable.

(Eileen Hanrahan, author, West Papuan Decolonisation: Contesting Histories)